We adhere to a strict schedule for our classes.  Classes start promptly at the scheduled time.  We will allot a certain time for warm-up, instruction, and WOD.  Please arrive on time.  Any tardiness will be remedied with burpees.

Monday through Thursday:  5am, 6am, 8:30am,  noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm

Schedule is the same on Friday, except there is NO 6:30pm class

Saturday:  9:00am

Sunday: Open Gym 9-10:30am ***check blog for last minute changes!!!

*For safety reasons, we cannot allow individuals who are new to CrossFit to participate in our 9:00am Saturday or weekly classes unless a prior arrangement has been made by contacting Lou. Thank you for your understanding.

*Classes will be added/changed as needed based on attendance


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