OMG, there are no words to describe how exciting it was to watch the crazy PRs happening in class on Thursday. The morning started with Cindy’s 35 pound PR, then Cathinator’s 20 pound PR and Steph at 45 pounds, then KDawg & Kelli with 10 pound increases and Joders with a 4 pound PR!!! Then what happens? Martin walks in and PRs, and Chad doesn’t want to be outdone so he gets a 50 POUND PR ON HIS BACK SQUAT!!! WHAT?!?!? Can the day get any more exciting??? Well, yes it can!! EVERYONE in the night classes PRd their squat!! The proof is in the numbers, if you dedicate your efforts to the program, it WILL work. Great job everyone!!!

Clean complex
-work up to your heaviest:
Clean Pull
Power Clean
Hang Power Clean

DB HPC 45/30
Ring Dip
Box Jump 24/20

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