On Saturday we will be back to normal schedule With a class at 9am. For THIS Saturday ONLY we will NOT be having the 8am intro class. The intro class will resume next week.

On Sunday we will NOT have open gym. INSTEAD OF open gym Jesse will be having a YOGA class at 8:30am!!! YES!!!

That is all…

HBBS – pause squats
5 @ 65%
3 @ 70%
2×3 @ 75%

4 rounds
5 T2B
15 Wall Ball 20/14

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One Response to ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!

  1. Mom says:

    Can’t believe how grown up and ever so beautiful you are. Time goes by so fast, it’s just a blur. Saw the picture of Bryelle not to long ago, and was in “awe” with how grown up and beautiful she is too……no wonder we’re getting so old! We love and miss you all so much……our door is forever open to all of you.

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