YOGA IS TODAY AT 7:15am. Join us for a morning of work, stretching, balancing, and Jesse’s man bun:)

Cohort – a group of people banded together or treated as a group. A group of people working toward a common goal.

It is fair to say a CrossFit class is a cohort. We are a group of people working together to improve our lives through fitness. Classes are structured with a warm up, delivery of instruction, working time, and clean up time.

Lately, classes have been anything BUT a cohort. There’s been a lot of disorganization, resulting in a lack of attention to detail, causing the SAME QUESTIONS to be asked over and over again. I’m sure many of you come to the gym knowing the plan for the day, and you feel it is ok to get a jump start by taking equipment and weights out prior to receiving instruction. THIS IS NOT OK. Equipment may be taken out ONLY after your coach has instructed you to do so. This applies to EVERYONE. We will always have new(er) individuals in who may not know the general “flow” of class, and it is imperative that EVERYONE understands what is going on. The gym can be a dangerous environment when the group is behaving like a 3rd grade field trip to the zoo. Please be courteous to your fellow VCF family members, it’s a matter of safety.

Let’s talk about tardiness while we’re at it. Late arrivals are completely out of control right now.

#1 It’s RUDE.
#2 It shortens your warm up time.

The PENALTY for tardiness is now 5 BURPEES for every minute you are late. This doesn’t mean you do the burpees ONLY if you are caught. YOU should possess the personal integrity to do your burpees because YOU WERE LATE. One minute late? Do your burpees. Three minutes late? Do your burpees. If your coach thinks you are too late and tells you to come back to another class, do it. DON’T come in and argue about it. I don’t care what your clock says, the gym clock rules…..THE END….

Is Coach Lou on a rant? YES

Will Coach Lou ever be happy? YES

When? When order is restored….

Hatch Day 13
5 @ 70%
5 @ 80%
2 @ 85%
3 @ 90%
1 @ 100%

Front squat
5 @ 65%
4 @ 75%
4 @ 80%
4 @ 85%

*No WOD today, we’ll be taking the entire class for this lifting session!!!

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